Your Home Deserves the Best Security

It is common knowledge in the home security business that providing totally reliable security for your house is very serious business. It is a task that should not be processed casually in a nonchalant manner. At Serious CCTV, as our name connotes, we are very serious about making your home safe and we strive to offer the best and most efficient security devices and gadgets our business can provide. Having been involved for many years in the business, we can supply you with the best security systems on the market. It’s exactly what your house deserves, don’t you think?

They sound the alarm when the circuit breaks

The main point to make about security in Australia is that burglaries have tended to escalate at an alarming rate across the country. In Melbourne and Sydney in particular, the problem has been so bad, police have had (and are still having) a tough time controlling their occurrence there. We help by providing highly sophisticated and effective alarm systems that automatically sound the alarm when the system’s power flow is interrupted. They come in to types, wired and wireless plus accessories and are equally efficient in doing their job of alerting you when something is not right.

High tech CCTV surveillance cameras

A home is perhaps the most important asset that you own in addition to the car in the garage. It is the place where the family gather, live, sleep, eat, converse and generally enjoy each other’s company. Making sure it stays that way may need a serious security rethink on your part. If you haven’t installed a security system it’s about time you did! And the best on the market right now is our multiple high tech CCTV cameras that take live images, connect to a central control panel and can also connect to your mobile phone so you can virtually monitor your premises.

An intercom voice over with viewer can be devastating

We all know how important access control can be for your home. Of course the main door is the scene of first entry and this is the most appropriate place to install your intercom system. The system can be used in different configurations so it takes lots of ingenuity in creativity and imagination to work out the best system to address your security needs. An intercom is perfect when used in conjunction with a viewer that will allow you to identify the person at the door before you actually open it. We have superior intercom systems that can make you home secure.

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