When mention is made of home security, we automatically think about alarm systems, CCTV surveillance systems, smoke detectors and the other access control systems. With intercom systems, security rarely enters the equation at first. The very first thing that you think about when you enter a school or hospital hall and an intercom speaker blares out its message you think it’s a system used to inform people what is happening or what they should do. At SeriousCCTV we know that the intercom system can inform and entertain but is indeed a security device for your house as well.

The fun features of the intercom

Quite apart from its security function, the intercom system does possess many entertaining potential. For example, it can act as a versatile entertaining system for the whole household. It not only comes with a radio console but also with CD and MP3 players, the type of gadgets that really turn on the music to entertain you and family. Their sound can be heard vibrating throughout the entire space of your home including those adjoining it like the patio and the barbeque stand in the yard. It can truly entertain as well as providing information and security in the one system.

Even the heart of the intercom is perfectly tuned in

In so far as deterring burglars is concerned the intercom system is at its peak when its central console or panel is called into action. This is where all the controls are located and it’s from here that commands trigger the connections to clocks by virtue of pre-set and adjustable timers and it can even set off the morning alarm for everyone to wake at a certain time. The central console is normally found in the kitchen or family room and it can be connected to a video system that monitors the outside of the house through the eyes of a security camera.

We can definitely install the system for you

We’ve had lots of jobs installing intercom systems in homes over the years and one very important thing we’ve found is that because of its versatility in being able to be connected to other systems, the intercom security system has proven very popular with home owners in both Melbourne and Sydney. Some negative comments have filtered through but these have been mainly questions about how to operate the system to suit one’s preferences. But these are all taken care by the system itself as the user has full control for selection and turning the system on or off at will.

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