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The business of providing alarm monitoring services is a delicate operation with a complete assortment of monitoring systems decking the monitoring table. The monitoring system used by SeriousCCTV offers a security alarm monitoring system and CCTV video monitoring in real time situations. We provide the best maximum security for your premises whether they be your own house, your large or small retail business or your commercial building. All we need from you are the instructions of what we must do in the event of an emergency and we will give you our best.

The best alarm monitoring system

When the best is what you crave, we can provide it for you. The technology these days is always changing but we make it our business to provide consumers with the most updated information of old and new systems. This will ensure that customers are informed of the latest changes in security devices and adjust or renew their monitoring systems accordingly. These changes apply especially to systems that use remotely connected mobile connections or a back to base reporting/monitoring system for your premises.

The perfect video monitoring system

This novel monitoring system has gained tremendous popularity especially with the business world that employs both cameras and video verification platforms. The main upside of the system is its ability to detect movement in an instant such as the movements of intruders and vehicles in restricted areas when they come within range of the cameras. Just as quickly after capture on film the monitoring centre can determine the identities of the intruders plus their vehicle details. The video monitoring system we offer is the best available.

Installing tech advanced monitoring require expertise

The only obstacle to having an effective monitoring system is in the proper installing of such a system or systems (if you are a large business operator). Our experts at SeriousCCTV are fully qualified to enter the world of sophisticated monitoring systems and install them for you. The task is by no means simple and we wouldn’t recommend a DIY approach as this may result in the complete failure of the system to function properly and your security problems may turn out to be far worse than they were originally. Tell us your needs and we will oblige you with our expertise.

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If you want to have a perfectly functioning monitoring system installed, ring us now on (02) 8091 1989 for our new quote and we will make sure to start work immediately so you can start using your system as quickly as possible.