Normally we parents pride ourselves as being the bread winners for the family and of course this is very true when both partners work. Operating a business turns the table right over because the business becomes the bread winner. Why? Because the commodities on the shelves are the ones that attract the customers who pay for the merchandise and carry them off after leaving their wealth with you. If you accept this observation as being true, then you’d better take your cart and do some security shopping to make sure you retail shop keeps on winning the bread.

Selecting the best and displaying the best

At Serious CCTV only select the best security systems for you. Our selection method must be meticulous, realistic, relevant, and downright affordable otherwise they just won’t make that hit with customers and you end up incurring a loss. We always do it right by selecting the best and displaying the best. One of our highlight selections is the alarm system for your business, industry or office. They are ideal for sounding the alarm at the precise moment when the system is triggered by an interruption of the energy current which are picked up by the sensors and automatically sound the alert.

You decide and we configure and install

Our expertise in configuring and installing a security system involves us taking in the whole situation at a glance and choosing the most effective security system for your business site. We know that you have an intimate knowledge of the security issues where you operate in experiencing security incidents. Once we have that information we immediately go into motion to provide you with the best system in town. The CCTV surveillance system is the best security system available for the security of your commercial premises and we advise you to seriously think about installing one now.

Worried about the maintenance or repairs?

Well don’t be! Our experience and know how are so encompassing you’d be surprised of the range of repair and maintenance our professionals can accomplish in real time and with no supervision. Our maintenance teams are on call 24/7 and they can be despatched at a moment’s notice and they are also adept at repairing any of your systems when they succumb to damage that reduces their effectiveness. Our teams are equipped with the best and latest maintenance and repair equipment in town and their expertise in using them to finish the job is beyond question.

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