Big is Scary, Small Offers a Target

There is little doubt that a great big commercial office with an imposing structural appearance coupled with the presence of security guards nearly everywhere you look can be a daunting target. Not so for small retail stores and in fact these smaller shops come under fire from burglar activities. At SeriousCCTV, we have noticed this trend and have turned our attention to their plight especially around city areas.  The cities in mind are of course Melbourne and Sydney but we intend to extend our influence into other cities in the near future.

The front entrance is the vital spot

We can safely assume that your retail shop is sturdy enough on the outside with brick walls and solid doors and windows. If they’re not up to standard, fix them now so that they are impregnable to the first push and pull actions. You should focus on access control and the most effective way is to place a CCTV camera inside your store directly facing the main entrance door and the registers. That way you can ‘kill two birds with one stone’ so to speak. We deem it the first and most essential strategy to adopt and it will tell your central control who is coming in and who is leaving simultaneously.

In between the shelves and racks

This is where the pilfering and outright stealing of bigger items can take place especially items that can be tucked away in all sorts of places on the body of a crafty thief. Granted it’s embarrassing to ask anyone to divest their coats for a search, definite identification of a theft can be seen on camera and be directly reported to the security guard on standby or the registering clerks who should display calm under the circumstance. If the culprit decides to make a dash for it, he/she has already been caught on camera and the info can be passed on directly to police for follow up action.

The storage room and back entrance

The monitoring of valuable cargo stored inside the back storeroom is a necessary precaution as well the monitoring of the back entrance or outlet door. Placing a camera where these two areas can be seen on film at the same time would provide a visual of all the movements that go on at the two points at the same time. This strategy would ensure the security of whoever is moving in or out of the building away from the main area of buying and selling in the middle and the front part of your store. It will also identify anyone attempting to escape away from the other cameras with stolen goods.

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