Pressing Security Issues of Large Commercial Buildings

Many large commercial offices are prone to a myriad security issues from data protection to disaster recovery plans. In between are the more immediate security issues of break-ins that come to the fore meaning that access control, property and asset protection and the monitoring of people moving in and out of the complex become more urgent. SeriousCCTV is very much aware of these security issues in large commercial buildings and tries its utmost in delivering the best security solutions to allay the fears of both employees and management teams alike.

Access control is the top security issue

When the ability of the management of a large commercial building comes under fire nearly always has to do with failure to address a security question such as access into the building. This is the #1 flaw of management and we try our utmost in addressing it with them. For our part, the installing of CCTV surveillance cameras and intercom systems that will readily identify and film live images of visitors can be very reliable means of monitoring movement in and out of the building. There is always the likelihood that clothing, facial features and carried items can become evidence later on.

Protection of property and assets is made simple

SeriousCCTV can provide effective access control in the form of intercom and camera surveillance systems. Theft is always present in very large commercial buildings but with the presence of these security solutions, it would be near impossible for thieves to proceed with their sinister activities. The simple reason is they stand accused once their identity is portrayed or revealed on camera images captured and stored in a hard disc somewhere inside the control panel. Live footage studied in real time can help investigations following an incident.

The perfect solution

For achieving positive results police use tactics during broad daylight or night covert action that suggest the more men deployed the more likely it is to achieve whatever goals have been set. This is what is deemed as the perfect solution and the same applies to breaches in the security of commercial premises. The more systems that integrated to serve a common purpose, the more likely it is to contain that security breach and ensure a return to normalcy once the danger point has passed by. We offer fully integrated security solutions that can see our different strata of security devices and gadgets deployed against a common enemy in a single floor or a separate strata in each floor.

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