Providing Security is Very Serious Business

The task of providing security for homes, commercial premises and other real estate properties is one very serious commitment. It requires a strong sense of dedication and involvement and reflects a very real and serious concern for the security and welfare of our customers. That is why we have included the word “Serious” in our name brand and we intend to live up to the call. For us at we believe strongly that to achieve this we must provide the full range of reliable and top quality security systems needed.  Our alarm systems are equal to the task.

The home and workplace covered

The alarm systems we supply can cater perfectly for the needs of homes and workplaces with a range of enticing features. The alarm systems at which we sell to clients are meticulously designed for maximum effectiveness and their reliability and utility are outstanding. We target homes with our alarm systems to prevent the clandestine and damaging activities of burglars and we similarly target workplaces for that reason. Our alarm systems are of high quality with backup support and tests to authenticate their make and ensure continuous usage.

An impressive range of alarm system types

Many people are familiar with the use and operation of alarm systems. What they don’t know is that there are many types of alarm systems for addressing specific security needs. At Serious CCTV we store and can supply and install all types of security alarm systems that can even create an electronic barrier around your premises. For instance, we can supply alarm screens made of fly screen mesh with a circuit wire woven into it; we can put photo electric beams in place; we also supply and install  a variety of sensors for motion, CO2, smoke, shock, glass break and vibrations.

Alarm system reliability is everything

A faulty alarm system or one that does not respond to a security issue when it happens can be a very costly oversight. This means a deliberate and meticulous search for the perfect alarm system that will fit your needs and at Serious CCTV we are experts at selecting the most reliable alarm system for you. How? It’s very simple because we supply the best alarm systems anywhere in town. We supply alarm systems that addresses you specific security needs, we can connect your touch screens, smart phone to your security system so you have full control from anywhere.

Contact us

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