During WWII when the Nazis were bombing the city of London, many in that city survived due to the presence of the loud sirens that warned people to dash for the nearest bunker. The same principle applies to the alarm systems used to deter criminals from breaking into homes, stealing, damaging and looting innocent occupants. At Serious CCTV we are absolutely confident that the sound our alarm systems give is the loudest and ear piercing din that will frighten away burglars without any difficulty and if you have a security issue, just look our way and you problem will be solved.

Different security systems that require different methods

We have 2 main security alarm systems that we provide customers. One is a wired version which, as its name connotes, is wired to a central panel that acts as the triggering mechanism for the system. This has been popular in the past and it has proven its worth by winning many battles with thieves. The second is a wireless version which has lots of good points but has suffered from a weakness in the past for letting off false alarms. Advances in tech know how has solved this mishap and both systems now offer the same degree of excellent service to customers.

The choice is yours to make

We will definitely provide you with first class info on the two alarm systems at our disposal, but in the final analysis, you will have to make the choice. If you want a system that is less difficult to install and offers excellent service, plus the ease of taking off its spot and carrying it off when you are relocating, then the wireless alarm system is for you. Another plus about the wireless system is it does not leave a tell-tale trail of wiring behind. The most noticeable flaw in the wired version is the need to have it wired, coupled with the task of pulling it all apart upon relocating to a new home.

Installing either system is a cinch

Whichever security alarm system you choose, we want you to know our professionals are fully qualified in installing the system for you. Upon your instructions, we will send them to your house so they can perform a tour of your house and identify the best place to install your system. They are proficient in informing you whether a wired or wireless system would be the best system to install but the final decision is always with the client. They have travelled the security trail for many years; they are fast, meticulous and efficient in their work.

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