It doesn’t make sense when home owners never think about installing any security system in their homes. Many do not simply because no burglary ever happens in their neighbourhood and they go on thinking that this will be the case during their lifetime. Wrong! At Serious CCTV we know that studies and live cases have proven that every neighbourhood experiences a break-in many times causing a lot of turmoil and heartache to house occupants. Be warned that a burglar can visit you home when you least expect it!

Every home should have one installed

To be sure than to be sorry, is a far better outlook to culture when it comes to security issues. Just think of the kind of mishaps that you can get yourself into when you don’t take the precaution of installing a security system in your home. You stand to lose your valuables, perhaps damage or loss to your antique furniture, loss of tools, technological property like a TV or computer, even the loss of your car! These are bad enough but what about your life and those you love. Won’t they be threatened by someone who force their way into your home? Think again!

One very effective warning system

We can never be absolutely certain of the incidence and gravity of events that may ensue during a burglary. You can be absolutely sure though we have what you need for your security and one of the best and most effective systems is our alarm systems that have catapulted thieves from off targeted premises at the flick of an eyelash. These mavericks work with hyper-sensitive sensors that set off the alarm when they sense the severance of electrical flow within the system. The sound of an alarm going off is the very dread of thieves and when it sounds, they take off like a fox does from a pack of hounds.

We do the worrying, configuring and installing

The honest truth though is that you don’t have to worry about anything when you decide to install a security system in your house. We will do the worrying, configuring and installing from start to finish and all you have to do is watch us do it. We may need your cooperation during the initial stages in the form of information, a property tour and a final test at the end of the process which will need you to be present. We have the experience, the skill and the commitment to install a perfect security system for your house and there is only one thing for you to do.

Contact us

Whether your house has been burglarized or not shouldn’t deter you from installing an effective security system in your house. Ring us now on (02) 8091 1989 for a free quote and watch us make your house secure and safe.