One very important aspect of installing security cameras is to make sure they work in consort with one another to provide a complete cover of the targeted areas. It’s not good enough just to have one or two cameras when you need three, four or more cameras. This need of course depends on the size of the home and where the blind spots are located. Serious CCTV is particularly concerned about blind spots and takes special care in having these areas fall within reach of the cameras so that a complete picture can be duplicated and seen on screen from the control panel.

Viewing angle for the ground floor home

Before choosing and installing a security camera for the front door, you’d want to make sure that the height is just right. The camera is positioned perfectly so it won’t be in easy reach of anyone but low enough to take in the whole scene including the visitor, face and all including the gate if possible. This is the most effective way for positioning your camera at the front door to ensure you are aware of any movement anywhere at the front part of your house. The same will apply to the back door and the blind spots of around your house so 4 or 5 cameras should be sufficient.

The duplex home needs a different approach

For maximum security, the bottom floor of your duplex house should resemble the camera configuration of the standard ground floor house. The ideal camera configuration of 4 or 5 cameras should be placed so that no area of the property is overlooked. A different approach should be applied to the upper floor rooms and attention should be focused on the most likely places where an intruder may enter the building. The most obvious entrance points are the stairway that adjoins the top and bottom sections and any window that has access to an upper corridor. Place cameras there.

The big mansion needs very special treatment

Because of the sheer size of the building and the surrounding grounds, special attention should focus on all access points from the front gate to the front door. Despite the fact that the front gate may be impassable, it nevertheless warrants additional fortification with a camera. Cameras should be strategically placed on the grounds, all the access doors of the mansion. At Serious CCTV in Brisbane we make a point of visiting the owner for first-hand knowledge of the area and the large house. This way we will know the area to be covered and the likely surveillance that will be needed.

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