The Base System for Other Systems

Sometimes, the intercom system can be taken for granted and many people accord it very little attention except for the fact that it does allow house occupants to talk to people at the front door. They also realize that people inside the house can communicate with one another and also monitor activities outside the home. Being more conversant with the intricate technological capabilities of the intercom system, we at SeriousCCTV know that the intercom system can also act as a docking pad for other systems. This has been successfully proven many times over for the benefit of users.

How the intercom system works

The system works in many different ways for people living under the same roof. It can be used as a convenient alert system that calls members of the family to dinner or alert someone wanted on the phone. If you have funds to spare, you can even invest in installing a paging system that can include a radio and provide soothing music to course through space to receptive ears. Enhancing stronger front door security becomes a cinch when you install a front door speaker that allows you to converse with a visitor before you actually open the door.

The master station is a critical component

The master station features the key pivotal point of conversational flow between speaker and listener and vice versa. The speaker has a dual function as a device for hearing from and speaking into. Typically, a switch is available to switch roles from “listen” to “talk”. The master station is always installed at a convenient location with several indoor substations each with a controllable speaker. It is the centralized point where all the functions are controlled. Privacy is assured as only one substation can be called at any time and when called it is the only station that can reply.

You need the best intercom provider in town

We have continued to provide the most modern and updated intercom systems to many clients. We have the experience and expertise to identify, select and install the ideal system for you. Our professionals can approach you at the ring tone, take part in a guided tour of your property and conceptualize the most effective way of installing the intercom system for your enjoyment and security. We can provide you with the best intercom system on the market at a very affordable cost.

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