Let’s face it owners of large mansions and other large residential buildings have the funds needed to really boost the security situation of their premises. But this is no reason why you can’t have a scaled down security model for your average sized home to achieve the security you need. If you are worried that a burglar might enter your home, don’t stop just because of sophistication and cost. At SeriousCCTV we can supply you the exact security system you need at a very affordable price and what’s more, we can configure and install it before you know it’s done.

The perfect connector to have in any house

You may not own a mansion or large house but you may live in a house that’s big enough to warrant the installation of an intercom system. The beauty of the intercom system is that, like everything else modern, it is controlled from a central console. It can connect up each room in the house as is conducive to the highest degree of connectivity between family members wherever they are in the house. They come with sensitive and highly audible speakers that can immediately connect you with the receiving party on the other speaker. Both operators can turn the system on or off at will.

The efficiency is not costly as many believe

Because of their efficiency in connecting everybody to each other in the home, many people conclude that the system must be very expensive and some shy away from fronting up to our front door to inspect or even phone and ask for a quote. Be rest assured we have every type of security device and gadget you can think of and they all within the average budget especially our intercom system. Some may view them as toys to play with and enjoy and while they do have that look about them, they also provide very important surveillance for your home.

A simple but very effective mechanism

With our intercom system, the operator doesn’t have to do anything either to activate or to get up and identify who is at the door. They are certainly better than a chain that blocks the opening of the door or an outmoded peephole in the door itself. The built-in mechanism is activated once the outdoor doorbell is rung. The system is similar to those that operate in apartment buildings that make sure a visitor doesn’t gain access without the permission of a room occupier. Once the system is activated, you can enter into dialogue with your visitor whom you let in or leave standing outside.

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Having the right intercom system installed in our house will mean the dissipation of your security worries and better in-house communication with family members. Ring us now on (02) 8091 1989 and we will have one installed in not time.