The Perfect Solution for Outdoor surveillance

While our CCTV surveillance system are normally used for the interior part of buildings such as homes, commercial buildings, office blocks and many other types of properties, there’s nothing stopping them from being deployed outside these premises. In fact, at SeriousCCTV we strongly urge our customers to position our CCTV systems outside to act as the third obstacle to any unwanted intrusions. You may have a very strong fence and sturdy doors and windows but a CCTV surveillance system can act as the core safety system for you premises.

Commercial buildings can benefit

One very important capability of our CCTV system is that of being connected to other devices or gadgets, the main one being the mobile phone. To be able to view your retail shop or warehouse or even your large garage shop from wherever you are located is one of the best burglar deterrents that can be found anywhere. We can also connect you to the police or to a specially arranged office that you can alert or it can alert you and both can take action immediately before an intrusion develops into something far more drastic.

Corporate office buildings can be rendered more secure

A lot of people believe that because of their size and the aura that surrounds imposing corporate offices, burglars will simply become intimidated and desist from committing a felony there. This is the wrong view to take as many corporate buildings also fall victim to attacks by burglars like the bank robberies that we occasionally hear about over the media. Even with their impressive features, corporate business buildings should also be decked with CCTV surveillance systems both within and without. Outside systems will definitely deter any burglar from carrying out any foolish intentions.

Our custom-tailored services provide the best security

We do our absolute best in proving high quality security systems that will cater for the specific needs of our clients. We provide the best design, correct strategic implementation and maintenance and repair follow up. These make up the hallmark that our business always provides its customers and we strive to maintain the quality of our services so our clients can enjoy the best security that can be offered to them. Your need for CCTV cameras can start the ball rolling and enable us to figure out exactly what your needs are and install the perfect surveillance system for your premises.

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