When criminals such as burglars realize that a CCTV security system has been installed at a favourite target the first thing that comes to their mind is how to deactivate the system. At Serious CCTV in Brisbane we’ve known of many ingenious ways that burglars have conjured up for deactivating security systems. Most thieves, if not all, will go to any lengths to try and put their nemesis out of way and with our help you can also devise a way of foiling their attack on your security cameras.

The first line of defence from protecting security cameras

The actual main building is normally built a fair distance from the road or access way and this in itself is good protection for you cameras.  Potential burglars have a lot of ground to cover before they are actually within view or physical reach to your cameras. But hold on! What if there was a strong, head high fence surrounding your premises? That would certainly act as the second protective perimeter that effectively cordons off your home from outside intrusion would it not? If burglars will go to any lengths to deactivate your cameras, you should go the equal distance in foiling their efforts.

Look to the amount of cover in your surrounding grounds

Bushes can provide criminals with an effective cover during their sinister activities so the most effective way of depriving them of that privilege is by cutting, pruning or uprooting their hiding place eliminating their hideaways. The cleaner you grounds the less likely that burglars would want to trod on a pathway devoid of any tree or shrub cover. The doors and windows are the third and perhaps the most important lines of defence. Whatever you do you should not neglect having them strong and fortified with the right materials and bolts.

Fortify and protect your cameras

When thieves actually manage to circumvent your initial lines of defence, the first thing they will do next is to try and deactivate your security system especially the cameras. Don’t leave any tell-tale signs of wires running along the wall from the power source to your security system. This is a welcome signal to burglars to cut your wiring and render your last line of defence vulnerable. Surround you cameras with a solid metal covering that is solid and difficult to attack. Also make sure the power source is from indoors and hid the wires even if you have to encase them with a cover.

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