The Home Rendered Safer from CCTV Systems

At SeriousCCTV we have, many times, made comparisons between homes that have a CCTV system installed and those that don’t. Not surprisingly we’ve found that those lacking a surveillance system fall prey more times to burglaries than those that do have them. What does this tell you? That it pays to install a CCTV surveillance system in your home. Burglars will always find ways of overcoming the first barriers like you fence, doors and windows, but foiling a surveillance system requires more than just manoeuvring into or over an obstacle, sliding or breaking glass or breaking wood.

More ways than one to foil burglars

So why is it a formidable task to foil the vigilance and dependability of the CCTV surveillance system? The answer to that question is that the system can be used singly or in combination with other devices to such an extent it will always keep burglars guessing.  The beauty of a combined camera and alarm system is that when one is put out of action, the other system continues to stream relevant information to a central point of reference. Some customers, especially occupants of very large mansions and apartment blocks opt for this type of system that may also feature intercoms.

Using a smartphone connection is the perfect solution

There are a lot of ways and means at your disposal to make your house secure for yourself and family. These can be done without turning you home into an unattractive sight. One of the best, most efficient and effective security systems is the connection of your smartphone to your CCTV surveillance system.  Though a new security innovation the measure has caught on with amazing speed and you can use it to view and control your system virtually and in real time. You are at liberty to view captured live events and images at the touch of a button.

The need for expertise in installing the system

The identification and selection of the ideal security system, especially the installation and maintenance is a job for professionals. Just viewing the system and guessing how the components are put together aren’t enough. The task requires lots of experience and know-how. At SeriousCCTV, our professionals have just the right kind of qualifications and experience to perform the job. They can identify the ideal system for your needs and install it like true professionals and after the job is done you can enjoy the benefits of the combined security of your smartphone and CCTV system.

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