Many of us enjoy having parties with our friends and neighbours as it is one of those rare occasions when you can cast your cares to the winds and really enjoy life. But no matter how much we’d like to frolic in enjoyment and pleasure, there is always that nagging suspicion that something might go wrong. Rightly so especially if you have not taken the necessary security precautions you need to bolster the safety of your home. At Serious CCTV we know that security should be a priority for any home owner and we try our best to popularize the idea.

The living room or out in the backyard?

In many homes, the most popular place to hold a party is either in the house itself or out in the backyard but before that, the situation is rife with security issues. Your mind is totally focused on arranging the living room or the backyard with ceaseless movement to a fro to get things ready. You are oblivious to everything else like the open front door, the back and side doors. You are completely unaware of what is going on except what you are doing. This is the right moment for a thief who may be lurking outside waiting for the right moment to make the stealthy move.

The ideal solution during busy times

You needn’t be swamped with security worries if you make the right decision and have CCTV surveillance cameras installed in your house. You can choose from our differently configured systems to solve your particular situation. You can place a camera at the very front door to monitor movements in an out during your busy moments. You can have one suitably placed inside the living room to cover the entire interior of the main part of your home. One can be installed at the back to cover the backyard, one in the garage and the remaining camera in the basement.

Everything professionally centralized and functioning

Placing a synchronized system in a centralized position is the job for our professional tech experts. The expert installation of the system is a must with nothing left to chance. The whole network of cameras must be fully functional the moment they are connected to a centralized console that operates the wireless system with absolute reliability and efficiency. Our professionals will ensure the system is positioned according to your directions and will make sure the system is fully operational for securing your house from unwanted intrusions.

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