Of all the security systems now available and operable, perhaps the most sophisticated and most efficient is the CCTV surveillance cameras. They are perfect for residential and commercial premises wherever they are located. Our CCTV cameras at SeriousCCTV can be configured to suit your particular needs with a grouping of up to 8 cameras in a configured system that can address your specific security needs. If you have a security issue for your home or business premises, the system is made for you. They are the most updated in design and they function flawlessly.

Perfect back up for home security

Many home owners are security conscious and try their best in making their home as safe as possible against burglar activity. They consolidate their position by repairing and strengthening their fence to stop unwanted entry; they cut the trees that can provide a hiding place for covert night and day action; they upgrade and fortify their doors and windows and they don’t leave anything tempting in the yard and so on. These are good preliminaries but they want back up and the best back on the market are either an alarm system, a CCTV surveillance system or access control systems.

Very little can escape the CCTV cameras

Real connoisseurs of the security environment are able to supply the best configured security system that can augment the security preparedness of home owners. They can also tell at a glance the ideal location for a system that will address the prevailing security issue and in doing so can device a combined security strategy that will be most effective in dealing with criminals. The CCTV cameras are ideal for the purpose as they can capture almost everything that occurs in motion as facial identification, colour of clothing, shoes, items carried, hat or cap and so on.

Don’t worry, we have things under control

Installing your selected CCTV surveillance system and accessories poses no problems with veterans like us. We’ve been at the game for so long, everything falls automatically into place the moment we tour your grounds and house, start identifying and selecting an ideally configured security CCTV surveillance system for you and installing it in the proper place for maximum security results. Our experience and expertise in installing the right type of security system for you is a byword in town and we have the track record to back us up. Are you game to try us? If yes just do this.

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