There’s absolutely no excuse for security surveillance cameras not being able to function at night time. In fact this is the very reason why home owners use them in the first place. Night time security monitoring is essential for any home owner and at Serious CCTV in Brisbane this is one of our priorities. We make sure our security cameras are just as effective during the night time as they are during the day as there’s no way of knowing when a burglar may strike next. Their shrewd cunning tactics make use of the best opportunity available regardless of night or day.

Your security system must cater for night situations
Burglary incidences occur mainly at night time but this should not deter efforts in shoring up the defences for your home. It has been known that burglars can and do slip into an open door in broad daylight without anyone the wiser. But night time is the preferred time burglars use to execute their clandestine activities. They are totally against the idea of being discovered during their criminal activity and the idea of being caught is just not on. But of course, not any security camera will suffice for protecting you home at night. The camera must be dependable and effective.

The infra-red camera is the most obvious choice

The dire enemy for home owners is night time when burglars are provided with the most effective concealment ally that anyone with ulterior motives can ever hope for. But they needn’t have it all their way if you take necessary precautions. Infra-red cameras are the perfect nemesis for burglars who prowl the neighbourhood at night. These efficient cameras allow you to view completely dark areas around your home from their unique ability of emitting infra-red light that even our own eyes cannot see. It does however make hidden activities that we can’t see come to light.

Black and white is better than nothing

Perhaps the main downside of infra-red cameras is they aren’t colour friendly, meaning that they can only produce black and white images. But what has this downside in comparison to the level of security these cameras can offer to home owners?  This is not about colour but about the necessity of catching thieves red handed and the best way to do that is to catch them when they are completely unaware they’ve been duplicated on infra-red cameras. And there’s no better provider of excellent infra-red cameras than at Serious CCTV in Brisbane.

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