Having an effective surveillance system depends on the choice that you make on the number of cameras that you need. You may live in a large house or a big mansion or you may occupy an average sized home or a duplex style house that need an efficient security camera system for protecting you and your family. At Serious CCTV in Brisbane, it’s an important part of our job to make sure that as a customer, you are provided with the right type of camera and the right number so that your home is rendered safe and secure from unwanted intrusion.

The standard ground floor home

The problem with the standard home is its accessibility from all angles at the floor level depending on where you have your doors for providing access into the building. The same way you enter will most likely be the route that a burglar will take to gain access into your home. The logical thing to do to make your home secure is to find the weak spots and decide whether strong doors and windows will suffice for providing the security you need. If no, and you need something more technical then you should opt for a camera surveillance system to be installed in the right places.

Security of the duplex abode

To be one story up from ground level has its certain merits but there are also disadvantages. To be up there means the floor you are on is far less accessible than the ground floor and you will not doubt feel a sense of being out of reach and therefore secure. If you think this way the ground floor is at risk of being burglarized and you are no safer up there than if you were on the ground floor. Be safe and secure and look after the two floors at the same time. For us at Serious CCTV we have all types of security systems that can take care of your problem.

The exceptionally large home or mansion

For these extra-large buildings security needs may be completely different from the smaller type homes. As such different configurations and number of cameras may be needed to provide sufficient security cover for a large area. It is necessary for the occupants of these large buildings to work with us in determining the type of security system they need to provide the level of security they desire. Our experts are fully qualified to select, configure and install the security system needed for these large homes and mansions.

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