The Ideal Burglar Proof Home

Many home owners fail to realize that you can actually adapt your home in such a way that it becomes burglar proof. It doesn’t mean that you need to fortify your house and surroundings to barricade yourself in. Actually, it’s a realistic and simple way of keeping undesirable elements out and allows you to enjoy the pleasure of your home in comfort free of worry. At Serious we have helped many home owners enjoy the peace and quiet they are entitled to, working closely hand in hand with them from start to finish.

The most pressing security needs?

There is no doubt that breaking and entering with the intention of committing a crime is the most prevalent problem faced by home owners. These usually occur when no one is in the house or when everyone is shouting and yelling giving away their position or when the player is on full blast drowning out any suspicious noise or noisy entry attack. They occur when you take a vacation, when you go shopping, visiting the dentist, working or even when you are visiting friends. The range of security incidents is enormous and you are often left wondering what you should do.

Survey your home and grounds

The first most obvious task towards turning your home into a really safe haven for you and loved ones is to take in what type defences you have. Inspect your fence and make sure it is sturdy enough and devoid of any damage. This is your vanguard at the outskirts of your home and it needs to be strong and impassable. Ensure that your ground is clear of any thick bushes that may provide hiding places; cut and trim them down disposing of the cut branches elsewhere. Cut trees that are growing close to windows and make sure your doors and windows are securely tight when shut.

The added CCTV surveillance boost

The security precautions don’t end with your fence and the trimmed down bushes and trees. What you need to do now to be really secure is introduce high tech into the equation.  We have the perfect solution for you with our CCTV surveillance cameras, now viewed as the apex of man’s inventive ingenuity in the field of home security. We have a limitless range of cameras devices and tech gadgets specially tailored for your personal use in addressing your specific security needs. To install them, we have the best qualified professionals ready to go into motion for you.

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