The technical attributes of security surveillance cameras produced today provide them with the needed qualities to withstand normal wear and tear. In fact their construction is so compact and strong they appear to be resistant to any reasonable physical force. Nevertheless, at Serious CCTV in Brisbane we know there are other forces at work that can really cripple your surveillance cameras if no action is taken to protect them from the impacts of the weather. Both water and sunlight are the main natural agencies that can render your security system inoperative.

The effects of sunlight on you cameras

Leave any item under the sun uncovered from its rays and you have a real potential for lasting damage. The presence and absence of sunlight is such a strong force it can crack rocks from its alternative heating and cooling effects. Just imagine what it would do to a delicate and sophisticated body of your security system especially the cameras. Under the direct rays of the sun, the whole system would heat up making the metal or plastic components expand and ultimately change under its heat. This expansion at different rates has a tremendous effect on your camera and components.

Select your type of camera with utmost care

Having been providers of security systems over many years, we have learned to be intimately familiar with different types of security cameras from different manufactures. There are cameras that are made in such a way they will resist the influence of the searing heat of summer and the frigid coldness of winter. Cameras that tout these qualities should be targeted as there’s no telling how much you’d have to spend on repair and maintenance work on security cameras that are not resistant to the effects of heat and cold.

Different expansion rate can cause irreparable damage

The effects of heating and thawing are well known and if these two processes can result in the cracking and dislodging of small and huge rocks from the sides of mountains, there’s no telling what they can do to a technical and sensitive item such as a security system. There’s no doubt the components are either metal or plastic with different expansion rates and different melting points. These differences can play havoc to security cameras that are not suitably protected. Weakened screws, non-fitting edges, distorted curves and other misfits will ruin your security system.

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