The hot sun usually produces a lackadaisical attitude in our behaviour and sometimes it can develop into a nonchalant ‘macho’ outlook that can do nothing but spell disaster to our security.  To be nonchalant means you can solve every problem without really knowing the gravity of such problems. At Serious CCTV we have come across cases where home owners are so careless, they throw their doors wide open without the least qualm only to find in a flash they are missing a video set, a player and a laptop all in the one stealing spree.

Sad but true and you suffer for it

How many times have you left your front, back and side doors wide open during summer? Many times I bet and it figures when you find that most burglaries take place during the day during summer without the slightest care in the world. Most thieves actually get into the front door in broad daylight and carry out their distasteful work inside the house. Meanwhile the occupants are moving in or around the house or, as is usually the case, dozing off beside the swimming pool or out on the lawn on a layback. It’s just not worth it when you suffer because you ignore your security.

Not just any solution will do

What do you do under such circumstances? Do you immediately contact the police? What can they do on the skimpy or lack of evidence you can provide them? Do you start making arrangements with your neighbour to act as a watchdog for you? You’ve just moved in and common courtesy won’t allow that kind of selfish behaviour. Yes, the solution lies with you but that solution is in installing a CCTV surveillance camera system, that will not only provide you with clear high resolution images but will also provide police with what they need for investigating after the fact.

Not just any security service provider

When it comes to security, you need the best and you must get the best and these are far between when it comes to discussing experience, professionalism, skill, acumen and all the other qualities that bespeak of expertise and know how in providing the best and most efficient security system in town. We have those qualities and we have improved and consolidated our reputation the hard way by travelling the long road and satisfying each client along the way. We stand as a hallmark of integrity and technical expertise and we intend to stay that way for years to come.

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