If you are planning to go abroad to enjoy a well-earned vacation, it may be in your best interests to make proper arrangements with a professional security service provider like Serious CCTV before your intended departure date. Many vacationers have returned from overseas after their leave period to be faced with heartbreak and anxiety on seeing their homes ransacked with all valuables gone and nothing can be done to retrieve them. We are at the forefront of the battle and are constantly urging customers to make essential security precautions during vacation time.

Real misery follows a major burglary

Just think for one moment how a home owner would feel after learning that his/her entire abode has been broken into and looted while they were on leave. A part of life’s earnings in cash kept in a vault at home, valuable jewellery, antiques, fixtures, hardware and software, screen, car, everything of value in the living room and in the kitchen and bedrooms. This was a major robbery and it happened to one person resulting in the loss of thousands worth of valuables. But the reality is that the person should have known better and could have taken measures to avoid it.

Better be sure than to be sorry

No doubt similar incidents have occurred to other people who have suffered similar traumas in their lives. Our job is to minimize or entirely eliminate their occurrence and we always remind customers to make sure the security is sound rather than to be sorry later. We can provide clients with the latest and most modern gadgets and devices to make security issues less of a problem. We can centralize the system to make it more effective and for convenience we can even connect the cameras wherever they are installed to your mobile phone.

Centrality and connectivity is paramount

You’re ability of being appraised of developments and happenings while you are away, is at the focal point of our intentions. We will enable you to make contact with the police the minute you notice something is amiss at your home via your CCTV system. Better still, we can connect you to a specially formed monitoring entity such as a back to office reporting connection that will activate personnel manning the station. They will mobilize and act to confront and mitigate the emergency situation. We provide you with the tools to be in total command of the situation.

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