Sometimes it may be your turn to be invited to dinner or to a party by friends on Christmas Eve or on other special occasions. Take the invite as a sure signal for you to implement the security measures you have made a habit of doing these past years. At Serious CCTV we also make it a habit of updating our security strategies so we don’t fall behind the competition and these are available on request. The situation gets a lot worse when you can’t leave anyone in the house the whole time you’re away enjoying yourself.

The windows are always easier to enter

Most house doors these days are built with security in mind and while windows do get a fair share of revamping, they are easier to handle in terms of breaking and entering than the doors. This necessitates more attention to strengthening the windows to prevent unwanted intrusions. There are specially made hardened glass that will foil any attempt at breaking and entering and extremely strong bolts are available almost anywhere in various hardware stores and outlets. Make sure your doors and windows are burglar proof before you venture out.

The best extra ‘eyes’ you can have

The next best thing you can do to boost the security of your home is to identify, select and get a security system installed at your house. Home owners have increasingly turned their attention to this security system that has saved thousands of home owners from sure loss and damage. The CCTV cameras act as the extra eye you can leave behind to keep watch and to store info for later use as incriminating evidence against perpetrators. The system is the perfect cure for burglar break in attempts and is sure to save your house from being robbed while you are out.

The installing is the hard part

After our experts have helped you to earmark your security system, all that remains is the installing of the CCTV security system in your home. For this you must have the expert assistance of true professionals and you will find them working with us. Our professionals are extremely adept at knowing how to install your system for you so you get maximum benefit. They are fully qualified in any installing process that you need and are experts at monitoring and following up on any malfunctions and drawbacks. They are also experts at carrying our repairs and maintenance works.

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