Christmas Holidays & Security


Christmas Time Blues

Christmas time is supposed to be the happiest time of year for most people and it is until you realize that the festive season is also a very lucrative time for thieves who go on their beat. These unfortunate undesirables know nothing better to do than to live of the sweat of others and while we abhor it, they are here to stay and must come up with suitable solutions. It is not possible to eliminate them but it is possible to thwart their efforts in as many ways as can be done. At Serious CCTV we know that installing a CCTV camera system is the best cure for this kind of sickness.

Someone in the house all the time

Given you have already put strong doors and windows in place, it stands to reason the next logical step on the agenda would be to have someone in the house all the time you are out shopping. The person will make sure all the doors are properly locked and that no one comes in or out of the house. He/she would have to make regular inspections of the house to make sure nothing suspicious is going on and avoid what happened last time when someone actually entered the front door when nature called and the door wasn’t locked. You can never leave anything to chance.

More security is needed at night time

You may have lots of visitors come around to your house to celebrate the festivities after service and this can be the most dangerous point of the season. Would the locked doors and windows suffice? Very unlikely as burglars have been known to work their way up to windows and manage to break into the house. You need to take extra precautions on the windows, like specially made hardened glass and strong bolts to hold down the windows firmly. But the ultimate solution that we can provide is a CCTV camera system with different configurations and efficiency to users.

Knowing everything about security systems is a must

If you are truly serious about the security of your house and people living under its roof including yourself, you must enlist the help of professionals to help identify, select and install the most ideal system for you. It is not enough that a provider knows something about security systems but must know everything there is to know about every type of system. At Serious CCTV we have this quality and we make it our business to know exactly what our clients need and we supply systems that will cater for those needs and more. We are experts with lots of experience and know how.

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